e-Commerce Consultancy

by MicroNet Developments Ltd, UK

An organisations' online image is its reputation

In the Hospitality industry, in particular, we are seeing unscrupulous hoteliers increasingly spreading malicious misinformation with a view to discrediting competitors.

This is especially true on the TripAdvisor platform despite TripAdvisors' valiant attempts to identify and eradicate fraudulent reviews.

A new online service is emerging to combat this problem.

This new discipline has been labelled Online Reputation Management (ORM). Due to our support of multiple hotels over the years, we have already developed the required experience and skills to advise hoteliers on ORM and respond to TripAdvisor reviews, on their behalf.

Undoubtedly more and more hoteliers will resort to using ORM services to protect their image. Simply using an ORM service gives the hotelier more credibility.

Let us speak for you and add our weight to your TripAdvisor owner responses!