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There are three types of data which the average hotelier needs to worry about; emails, documents (word processing and spreadsheet files) and the hotel system databases (e.g. property management and reservations data).

Nowadays, many people use IMAP for email rather than POP. This means that the master copy of emails is kept on cloud-based server, so no email backup is necessary.

The backup method employed for databases depends on what system is used. If cloud-based software is used then no backup is required as this is the responsibility of the cloud software provider.

Documents are an excellent type of data for cloud-based backup. Documents are usually not large but many usually created and maintained. Each time a document is changed, the cloud software, e.g. Dropbox, will make a copy or update the cloud version. This also allows sections of the data to be shared in a team work environment.

Excellent cloud-based software includes Dropbox, Tresorit and Spideroak. Dropbox, however, does not encrypt your data, so theoretically, the Dropbox company and its employees could access, steal and misuse your data.

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