Online Advertising
Interest or Intent Targeting?

Advertising is all about making products or services visible to potential buyers and persuading them that your product or service is the best choice.

With Intent Targeting, the advertising is delivered to people who are actively looking to buy your product or service. There is a very good match between the ads and the potential buyer. Search Marketing platforms, e.g. Google Adwords Search Network, employ Intent Targeting.

With Interest Targeting, the advertising is delivered to people who appear to have an interest in a product or service but who may or may not be intending to make a purchase. Social Media platforms, e.g. Facebook Marketing employ Interest Marketing.

There are several online advertising channels available. Channels vary greatly regards the extent to which the ads are matched to website visitors.

Worldwide, Google is by far the leading search marketing platform, excluding Russia where Yandex leads the way and in China where Baidu is the top advertising platform.

In Search Marketing, e.g. in Google, the visitor types his target subject (e.g. Siem Reap Hotels) into the search box. Google knows the intent of the visitor which enables the Google Adwords system to show relevant ads and obtain some response from the visitor. The visitor is typically directed to the advertisers website and hopefully a purchase is made. Google Adwords is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) system. Its expensive but highly targeted and effective.

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Social Media Marketing, is more about matching visitors interests to a product. The social media channel, e.g. Facebook monitors the visitors behaviour (e.g. what he accesses within facebook and what he posts) and attempts to assess his interests. Ads frequently appear when the visitor has no intent to purchase at all. Social media advertising tends to be cheap, untargeted and is unlikely to lead to a purchase in the short term.

Recent advances in data gathering (of user activity) and improved artificial intelligence, are expected to lead to an impressive determination of intent, based on behaviour, narrowing the gap between search and social media marketing.

Why use Search Advertising?

Even with a great website ranking (ie great SEO and inbound links, a website's organic placement on google search results etc may not be very high due to intense competition. Note: organic placement is the non-sponsored section of the search results.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search advertising can get your brand on the first search result pages (in the sponsored area). In addition, with PPC, you control how much you pay for an ad click and you only pay when the ad is clicked. Also, you can often target the delivery of ads to certain times, in certain countries, or even certain cities.

Google is by far the most prominent of the search advertiser channels. Other important channels include Bing, and Yahoo.

Why use Social Media Advertising?

Social Media interactions can build brand recognition, trust and loyalty due the humanisation element. However, this is really only relevant to big international brands, e.g. Coca Cola, and Multi-National hotel chains.

Brands which are active in social media may be seen as an authority on subjects and therefore may attract a following, which in turn can increase visibility and inbound traffic.

Generally, budgets for social media advertising can be smaller, thus reducing advertising costs.

Active and popular social media profiles tend to attract the attention of search engines and this it has a positive effect on SEO.

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