Does Your Hotel Need Automating?

In the past, hotels often used Microsoft Windows based Property Management systems, Point-of-Sale software (for food and beverage, shop and spa outlets) and Finance packages. Sometimes the packages were closely integrated into a single system and sometimes they had less integrated interfacing tools. Sometimes there was no integration at all and consequently hoteliers had to transfer data between the systems manually.

With the introduction of cloud-based systems, more robust software has been developed with a wealth of integrated features. Some systems include channel management options to maintain the hotels online travel agent (OTA) inventory and rates as well as the hotels internet booking engine (IBE) data. Some also include Revenue Management options.

The big advantage of a cloud-based system, in addition to being full-featured and integrated, is that the local computer requirements and expertise consists of simply a working computer (or even mobile devices) and a working internet connection. The local computer does not even need to be Windows-based. It could be Linux-based, which almost entirely removes virus-infection and licensing issues. The requirement for local computer maintenance expertise is minimal, as there is no software to install. Cloud-based systems just require a browser, which comes as standard. An expensive local server is not required. Local data backup is not required. If system support is required, its available remotely, 24-hours a day, seven days per week.

The system of tomorrow is waiting for you today!

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