Search Engines
875 Million Websites, over 5 Million Servers

The Net Craft company compiled these figures in January 2015.

So, how will your potential customer find your website, and therefore your business?

Your customer will need some help. Googles Search Engine and other search engines, like Bing, Yahoo, AOL and Ask, are very smart when it comes to matching your website keywords to visitor search phrases.

Getting correctly listed in the search engine indices, is crucial to the visibility of your website.

Indexing and Searching


Index Building

Index Searching


Crawl Internet

Get Search Phrase

Find New Sites

Analyse Phrase

Analyse Web Pages

Match Phrase to Index

Add Keywords to Index

Compile Results

Find Inbound Links

Sort Results by Rank

Calculate Page Rank

Display Results


Spidering! Hundreds of search engines crawl around the Internet (known as spidering) 24 hours a day looking for, and finding, millions of websites. Then they try to determine the subject of the websites and they create a huge index of relevant words, that are referenced, by those websites.

Searching! When a customer enters a phrase into Google home page, Google then compiles the results using its index. A list of useful websites is given, whereby each web page contains words which match the entered phrase.

Getting Listed and Getting Highly Ranked?

Getting Listed! Preparation is important. Follow our List of Tasks for Effective search. This is normally called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Each web page which promotes a specific product or service needs optimisation.

Keyword Optimisation or On-Page SEO ensures that Google etc understands what the page is about, and ensures that relevant words are indexed.

Once optimised, the website can be submitted to the search engines and directories. Submission does not guarantee speedy indexing, in fact it does not guarantee indexing at all, but it usually helps with Google.

Tasks for Effective Search



Best Done By


Keyword Research


Competition Analysis


Keyword Optimisation


Inbound Link Creation

Do In-House

Search Engine Submission


Article Submission



Getting Highly Ranked! On-Page SEO involves changes to your web pages, but Off-Page SEO involves building Inbound Links (IBL). The objective is to make Google etc think your web pages are important.

Google considers importance to be related to IBL's. IBL are links from other websites to your web pages. An IBL is like a vote of confidence.

The importance of an IBL depends on the importance of the web page thats contains that IBL.

If your web pages are useful, then people around the world will normally create IBL's naturally, but business owners can also invest effort to promote creation of new IBL's, e.g. from advertising websites, Social Media/Blogs and Social Bookmarking.

On-Page SEO Opportunities


The TITLE tag

META tags

Menu Text

H1-H5 tags

IMG ALT attributes

IMG file names

DIV TITLE attributes

Page Content


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