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Social Media Marketing Necessitates Customer Engagement!

Why use social media? Because your customers, clients, members, volunteers, donors and funders do!

Social media is the way to listen, respond, engage and interact more effectively with your target audience. It also gives you more human appeal as you can respond quickly and hold a real-time conversation with the people who matter.

But making good use of social media requires significant interaction with potential customers both in the public online arena and in offline meetings. Expect to invest many man-hours. It also requires in-depth knowledge of the product or service and solid reasoning why that product or service is the best choice.

Do's and Don'ts




Find out where your target customers congregate online

Make sure your profile is up to date

Convert online connections into offline meetings

Broadcast, instead engage with potential customers

Expect instantaneous results

Substitute existing practices for social media – incorporate them


For these reasons, we believe that the ongoing effort in social media marketing should be done by the business owner or his senior members of staff.

Social media posts should include old as well as new news and lots of photos and videos – people love multimedia content.

We can, of course, recommend which networks are appropriate, set up accounts, link them to your website. Typically, we recommend, Linked-In and SunZu plus Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Weibo.

Engaging with potential hotel guests is unlikely to be a worthwhile effort (unless you have return guests), so focusing on travel professionals, both internal company travel organisers and travel companies, is likely to be more productive and manageable.

It is normal practice for business owners to be active in discussion groups, forums and blogs to demonstrate relevant expertise and knowledge, and to pose and answer questions about the industry, always remembering to reference their company website of course.

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