Website Performance

How Effective is Your Website?

There are several tools available for measuring website performance, however, most of them incur a monthly fee.

Google Analytics is a free tool which should be added to all your website pages.

It obtains some details of your website visitors and records them in a database.

The tool can be used to monitor overall website performance but also to obtain a breakdown of website traffic by interesting demographics, e.g. visitors location (country), device used (laptop, phone), and access method (e.g. referred by google adwords, or a travel blog).

Google Analytics Key Metrics
(track weekly trends)





New Visitors

New Visitors is the number of unduplicated visitors to your website over the time period.

Bounce Rate

Percentage of visitors who arrived and left the website on the same page, with no interaction. 20% to 30% bounce rate is considered normal.

Avg. Time on Page

Examine this metric for each key page. It is the average seconds spent viewing the page and should relate to the time required to assimilate the page content.


Examine this metric for each channel. It tells you where your visitors are coming from, e.g. referrals, Google search, direct URL entry etc.

Conversion Goal Completions

Goals can be configured, monetised and reported. These could be visits to contact page, location page or booking page etc.


The overall performance can help to indicate website weaknesses, e.g. first impression, navigation, or applicability.

The more detailed views assist in assessing the success of marketing efforts, the useability on small devices and source of visitors.

Twitter and Facebook have free analytical tools for their services too.

Who is Visiting my Website?

We would expect every hotelier, to have a idea of the nationality of their intended guests, along with their wealth and any special needs or preferences. If the intended guest is unknown, how can the success of marketing efforts be assessed?

The hotel may target certain nationalities and therefore may have a multi-lingual website and multi-lingual staff.

The hotel may target relatively rich guests who may use smartphones and tablets more than computers.

The hotel may target the LGBT market which may get a lot of referrals from LGBT websites.

Analysis of Google Analytics data helps compare marketing intentions with the website performance.

Can you Understand the Reports?

Unfortunately, the performance data, even when summarised, may not provide useful information.

The data collected by the performance monitoring software may not represent just potential guests. It may also include website visits by 'robots', ie software which collects information on websites for a variety of nefarious and legitimate reasons. Search Engine Spidering robots are one example of legitimate robots, but visits by those robots should not be included in your reports.

For the above reasons, it is often necessary for someone to filter the performance data and produce customised reports for hotel managers and owners. This normally includes references to external factors and ideas to improve performance.

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